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 How to play DVD in windows 10?

Sneaking into the newly updated windows 10 with most of the features improved and some are restricted as well, windows media player is not supporting DVD accessing feature in windows 10 which is the crucial thing and can be a drawback for window. Window media player was the pre-install software ,regularly supporting DVD till windows 8.1 but soon Microsoft has restricted the use of DVD. There might be some reasons why Microsoft has restricted the use but they have not restricted the user to access it, here we will be sharing information that how you can access DVD in windows 10 for free.

VLC Media Player is the most generic and feasible application provided and developed by VideoLan as they name it as VideoLan media player which is free for download as well.

VLC media player:

  • Each Format content is accessible.
  • Compatible with all of the windows and IOs platforms.
  • Easily available.
  • Free for Download.
  • Blu-Ray add-on is also available.
  • Different add-ons are also available to explore.

These above are the different features which account each and every solution to all the questions raised in your mind, you can easily download it from here and access all your video content. Access the generally provided application which allows you to synchronize all the content and access it easily. Once you download the Application all the content can be played in the media player and if you are accessing DVD in windows 10 than also VLC is capable of playing the content.

Play Dvd Windows 10

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We have been discussing about the application, without giving you an false information we have given you a fully appreciated and tested Media player to access all the media content in your system and externally attached DVD player. All the content is accessible in VLC media player for free, download it form the app store or online.


  1. Each format is playable.
  2. DVD can be played in windows 10.
  3. Blu-ray add-on is available.
  4. Adds free.
  5. Frequently updated.

There are numerous benefits of using VLC media player as most of them are stated to you before, play all the content in it for free and make this your default media player as well. New playlist can be build and keeps a proper record of you and provide you better filters to access your mostly viewed content.